Bri+Col+Age = Material Process Outcome

Come and explore Bricolage 2013, an expression of the resourceful innovation of textile design.


Bricolage is an assemblage of people, ideas and outcomes, where the future of textile design is as pliable as the fabric it creates. Where making is not confined to the hand. And where the surface and constructed processes do not define the designer, but provide a starting point for the translation and transformation of a material into something unique.


The range across surface and constructed design matches the diversity of influences. The emerging designers from BA Textile Design harness new technologies in laser cutting, jacquard weaving and industrial knitting and pair these with parametric design thinking, contemporary craftsmanship and considered design processes. They glean and adapt a range of tools and techniques to the core concept of textile design. The designers may heavily reference what has come before in their process, but they imagine what is still to come in their product.


These twenty-four bricoleurs capture the essence of Bricolage, constructing and creating inventively with whatever materials, processes and technology come to hand. The Bricolage 2013 Exhibition offers a unique insight into a year’s journey through the world of contemporary textile design.



2013 graduating students of RMIT BA Textile Design


Bricolage 2013 Degree Show


5th – 15th December 2013 (VIP OPENING 5th December)


No Vacancy Gallery, QV Building, Melbourne
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne 3000 (enter from Russell Street)
Gallery hours: Tues to Sat 11am - 5pm, Sun 12 - 5pm